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Top Dog Roofing Buford Georgia


We are google guaranteed and have an A+ rating from the BBB


Value, Integrity, Dependable are the words we live by at TOP DOG ROOFING. We stand by our work and are completely committed to making our customers 100% satisfied at every phase of the process. We take great pride in providing exceptional service to our customers and their reviews are the greatest reflection of our dedication to them. 

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TOP DOG ROOFING is a family owned local business based in Buford GA. We live and work in our community. We treat each homeowner like a neighbor because we are your neighbors. We take full ownership to make sure everything is done right the first time. We use only quality materials and crews. We offer a beautiful selection of brands and materials. To insure top quality, management is onsite for every build - watching and paying attention to every last detail. 


TOP DOG Roofing and our team is a fully insured roofing contractor with both general liability and workers compensation coverage. Trusted by hundreds of happy customers we stand ready to be of service to you.



Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects all you hold dear underneath it. Your DOG, Family, Property value, and your DOG! (a little Top Dog Roofing humor) Just like ignoring a tooth cavity can lead to costly and painful root canal - Ignoring a small leak or storm damaged shingles can lead to an expensive restoration down the line. Protecting you from this nightmare is our top priority. 


After the next storm if you see any signs of potential trouble like water spots on the ceilings or outside damage to your roof such as missing or damaged shingles or rock granules washing out of your downspouts - give us a call. It's best to call a professional roofing contractor with a trained eye to take a look. For security and peace of mind, call TOP DOG Roofing today for a FREE roof assessment.

Top Dog Roofing Free Roof Assessment
Top Dog Roofing Free Roof Assessment Storm Damage Replacement

In our area powerful storms can arise with little warning and unleash a fury of wind, rain, and hail upon the unfortunate homes in their paths. When you factor in tropical storms, tornados, and straight-line wind bursts, it's important as a homeowner to pay attention to your roof. While some storm damage is obvious like shingles laying in your yard, others may be more difficult to identify without getting up on the roof. We can help determine the extent of the storm damage and whether your roof can be successfully repaired or whether it needs to be replaced. 


If a replacement is warranted, you may wish to approach your insurance company. Working with insurance companies can be tricky. A professional roofing contractor can provide you with the support and information you need to see that your insurance company treats you fairly and delivers the coverage you deserve. We also have special financing options available. Either way we have repair or replacement options to solve any situation. Call now for your free no hassle roof assessment 470-557-3232

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